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Digital Preservation Policy


Digital Preservation Policy


The Aurora Public Library is committed to the digital conversion, preservation, storage and maintenance of unique and historically significant materials in our collections and those of any partnering organizations and making these items openly accessible online.  We also strive to acquire the historical output of the Aurora community and its partners going forward.

This policy ensures that digital content in the Aurora Public Library is available to current and future users through the development and implementation of preservation and maintenance strategies that minimize the effects of advances in information technology, and ensure the authenticity, security and accessibility of its contents. Procedures and guidelines that adhere to widely accepted models and standards for long-term maintenance and preservation of materials will be used. 

Copyright and Intellectual Property:

Aurora Public Library does not require authors to surrender or transfer their copyright.  Authors must hold the copyright or distribution rights to material(s) submitted to Aurora Public Library, and must grant Aurora Public Library permission to make said material freely available in the digital repository, and to act upon it for preservation purposes.  Some materials contributed by partners of Aurora Public Library may include distinguishable characters, or watermarks to let patrons know where these materials are located or where patrons may obtain the original source material for duplication.


Digital objects will not be removed from the digital archives.  However, public access to digital objects may be withdrawn for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to proven copyright violation or plagiarism.  In case of a dispute, the Aurora Public Library may remove the digital object from public view, pending resolution of the dispute, and should notify the author or copyright holder accordingly.  Authors may also request withdrawal of a digital object for a variety of reasons.  The Director of the Aurora Public Library, the author or copyright holder must approve such withdrawal of a digital object(s).  The metadata for digital objects withdrawn from the archives will remain accessible to Aurora Public Library administrators and will be subject to preservation actions.

The licensing agreement between an author and the Aurora Public Library is a non-exclusive one.  Authors are therefore free to submit copies of their work elsewhere.  However, copies of their work will remain permanently in the Aurora Public Library digital archive. 

The Local History Librarian Specialist  is responsible for ensuring that digital preservation policies, strategies and procedures are compatible with other policies, strategies  and procedures in the library and will recommend to the Aurora Public Library Administration for approval any additions or corrections needed.  The Specialist is responsible for the implementation, management and auditing of the preservation of digital objects, supervises the preservation of digital objects and advises depositors on acceptable digital formats.

Guidelines and procedures for the preservation of the digital content of Aurora Public Library will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure the ongoing accessibility of these contents as technology changes or new requirements are identified. 

Approved by the Library Board of Directors 8/14/2013

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