May 2018

2018-05-23 Board Meeting Agenda…  [more]

A message from Daisy Porter-Reynolds, Library Director

Please know that we have removed the poem in question from the library as of Saturday night. I offer my heartfelt apology to our community, but I know that is not enough to heal the pain this has caused. I …  [more]

April 2018

2018-04-25 Board Meeting Agenda

2017-11-15 Executive Session Minutes Partial Release

2017-10-25 Executive Session Minutes Partial Release

2017-09-27 Executive Session Minutes Partial Release…  [more]

March 2018

2018-03-28 Board Meeting Agenda

2018-03-28 Board Meeting Minutes…  [more]

Spring 2018

Spring 2018…  [more]

January 2018

2018-01-24 Board Meeting Agenda

2018-01-24 Board Meeting Minutes…  [more]

Winter 2017

Winter 2017…  [more]

November 2017

2017-11-20 Special Board Meeting Agenda

2017-11-20 Special Board Meeting Minutes

2017-11-15 Board Meeting Agenda

2017-11-15 Board Meeting Minutes

2017-11-06 Finance Committee Agenda

2017-11-06 Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

2017-11-15-Executive Session Minutes-Partial Release…  [more]

October 2017

2017-10-02 Finance Committee Agenda

2017-10-02 Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

2017-10-25-Board Meeting Agenda

2017-10-25 Board Meeting Minutes

2017-04-06 Executive Session Minutes-Partial Release

2017-04-26 Executive Session Minutes-Partial Release

2017-05-24 Executive Session Minutes-Partial Release

2017-10-25-Executive Session Minutes Partial Release…  [more]

October 2017

2017-10-02 Finance Committee Agenda…  [more]

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Santori Public Library

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Aurora, Illinois 60506

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Eola Road Branch

555 S. Eola Road.
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West Branch

233 S. Constitution Drive.
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