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Waxing Poetic

Local writers come together for “Waxing Poetic” event at Santori Library

Why do we write?

For some of us, it is innate. It’s as much a passion as it is a disease. We have to do it.

I began to love language in second grade when my teacher taught our class Spanish and read “Jabberwocky” and “Hamlet” to us.

I loved the sound of words. The feelings they gave me. Their color and texture.

By third grade I was writing poetry and publishing the class newspaper.

Much later, I wanted to use my words to tell others’ stories, and to report on the just and unjust things that were happening around me, so I set out to get a journalism degree.

In college I met others just like me; people who craved words. Thanks goodness, I thought, there are others who share the incurable diagnosis of “writer.”

On Saturday, Aug. 20, from 2 to 4 p.m., a group of local poets will gather at the Richard and Gina Santori Public Library of Aurora to share their writing with each other and an audience made up of word lovers.

The event is called “Waxing Poetic: Local Poets Read Their Work,” and I am one of the dozen writers who was asked to share a few poems.

The others are: Margo Anderson, Yvonne Boose, Karen Christensen, Kristin LaTour, Lennart Lundh, Jen May, Frank Rutledge, Eric Peter Schwartz, Robb Winder, Leo Zarko, and Ray Ziemer.

The afternoon’s host will be Auroran Frank Patterson. I asked the other participants to send me a line or two about why they write. I already have told you I write because I have to. Here is what some of the others said:

“Every moment alive can be another moment to be creative. I write because I can’t draw and I’m mostly inspired by too much caffeine and low self esteem.” – Frank Rutledge

“Honestly, I’ve been doing it so long it’s a reflex. I guess it’s about getting things out of my head and into other people’s the way I see it. More clearly translating the way my inner dialogue works and hoping other people understand it.” – Eric Peter Schwartz

“Much of what I write or have written has a socio/political bent. I tend to process what’s happening around me, and when the spirit moves, I try to put my impressions down on paper. Conversely, some pieces are an attempt to translate my experience in ways that others can identify with.” – Robb Winder

“Everything inspires me. I write to get those visions and their words out into the light.” – Lennart Lundh

“I started writing poetry about three years ago to improve my writing skills. I ended up learning a great deal more!” – Leo Zarko

“The whole world, past, present and future, inspires me to write. If I’m not seeing poetry all around me, I’m sleeping.” – Kristin LaTour

“I can express my feelings and observations so much more coherently when I write them down than I can when I speak.” – Karen Christensen

“I am inspired to write when I can explore something in a new way. For example, in one poem, I use a metaphor where lines of text look like rows of corn. I love the unexpected.” – Jen May

“I write because I know there is a lot of pain and joy in the world and through these experiences, we all connect. Sharing my poetry may soothe an aching heart or give someone motivation to ponder on a certain subject. I love to evoke emotions through my writing as I hope the person, who reads my poetry, will feel just as elevated as I do when I write it.”— Yvonne Boose

“Born and bred on the South Side of Chicago, I was privileged to travel outside of my neighborhood. Thus early on I became aware of the great wide world beyond Marquette Park. And everywhere I looked were stories waiting to be told.” – Ray Ziemer

For more information about the event, give this writer a call at 630-264-4125 and I will try to answer your question. Maybe I’ll even do it in rhyme!

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