The Bookmobile will be off road September 28.

Dig Into Reading Survey

The goal of the Aurora Public Library’s Summer Reading Program is to encourage people – especially children – to read. Summer reading can help children maintain and improve their reading skills.

Please answer the following questions to help us assess how we are doing.

Your Age Group:

If teen or child please give your age:
If parent/caregiver, give age(s) of child(ren):

Which location do you use most often

If Bookmobile, what is your stop location

How often do you vist the Library/Bookmobile during the summer months?

The Summer Reading Program includes reading goals set by the library. Which way would you prefer that the goals be measured?

How successful do you think the following prizes are in motivating people to read and to continue reading throughout the summer?

Prize How Successful
Small Toys highly successfulsomewhat successfulnot successful
Bookmarks, stickers or pencils highly successfulsomewhat successfulnot successful
Books highly successfulsomewhat successfulnot successful
Grand Prize Drawing highly successfulsomewhat successfulnot successful

How important are summer programs such as entertainers/guest speakers, storytimes, etc., in getting you to visit to the library?

  How Important?
for children: Highly importantSomewhat ImportantNot important
for Adults: Highly importantSomewhat ImportantNot important

How motivated do you think adults and children would be to read over the summer months if the incentive was changed to a single prize per person at the end of the program?

  How Motivated?
for children: Highly MotivatedSomewhat MotivatedNot Motivated
for Adults: Highly MotivatedSomewhat MotivatedNot Motivated

What do you like about the summer reading program?

What don’t you like about the summer reading program, and how can it be improved?

Please enter in captcha text:

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